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Letter of Instructions # 9

The Rune IS

by Karl Hans Welz

 IS is the ninth Rune of the eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes.  You are now half way through your first course.  Very likely you are now member of a local group, or castle, of the the Great, Time-less Brotherhood of Rune Masters.  In this case, you benefit very much from Runic group practices.

 IS is a Runes that emphasizes the individual.  So important is this Rune that some Rune masters of the past have put this Rune at the beginning of Runic training and of many practices.

 I strongly recommend that you practice this Rune thoroughly and that you explore in depth its many aspects.

 IS is the Rune that leads to your true ego and to your true personality.  This is the ego that remains after you have gotten rid of the many illusions that make up your ego.  These are in part illusions that developed as a result of you identifying yourself with the many distractions that are flooding your mind incessantly.  Such distractions lead you to being attached to many things that ultimately lead to your being blocked from true advancement.

 There is another, more important, aspect to your true ego.  To help you grasp the concept that follows I need to point out an important principle in human history.  This principle says that the religion that best reflects in its doctrine and practices the methods of socio economic suppression that are prevalent in a society, will be main stream religion over all the others.  Conversely, the most painful methods of socio economic suppression are incorporated in religious law and doctrine. In fact, most of these mechanisms are so painful to the individual and to groups of humans as a whole that they can only accept them when they perceive them as being religious law, custom of the tribe, and the like.

 The individual is subjected to a similar condition.  As soon as born, the individual suffers frustrations, deprivations, and suppression that is near impossible to accept.  A process similar to the previously described one happens:  the individual identifies with the reactions to these mechanisms of suppression, and he or she believes then that these reactions are part of the ego.  An individual who identifies with such reactions is no longer aware of their causes, and society has gained another willful servant.

 It takes a strong ego to reach your spiritual goals.  However, if you confound the true ego with your reactions to suppressive indoctrination, you are in a catch 22 situation, namely that in order to rid yourself of your limitations you attempt to harness the same mechanisms that are part of your limitations.

 IS teaches you to find your true ego:  the ego that shines through the morass of the limitations with which you are identifying yourself.  IS is quite similar to the tarot card of the hermit, who has a staff that symbolizes his ego.  He had to be a hermit so that he could look at his ego from a perspective that is beyond the limitations of society.  The hermit, using IS, has renounced all distractions  so that he can find his true ego that he needs to be ONE with his inner Self.  Being ONE, he is then capable of enjoying life to its fullest, and serving society much more effectively than he ever could have done with the ego that society so skillfully has distorted.  Of course you can be a "hermit" in the middle of a city, surrounded by people with which you interact on a daily basis like any other human being.

 The stanza of IS in the magical poem shows the way.  It says there clearly:
A ninth one is mine:
If danger is out in the sea
To protect my good ship
I conjure the wind on the billowing floods
And I sing into slumber the sea.

 This is a clear reference to the four elements that the hermit has to master so he or she can reach the goal of Oneness with the Higher Self (see the course in cosmic consciousness).  Being aware of the true ego is an important step toward this goal.

 The ship, being solid, refers to the material plane, the earth element, or consciousness.  The wind is the mind, or the air element, while the floods refer to the emotions, or the water element.  The billowing floods refer to emotions that are stirred up by thought that attaches itself to futile objects of the external world and to illusions.  These illusions are the result of your identifying the mapping of your perception with the object itself. 

Consequently, you have lost the knowledge of the difference between your picture of the world and the world as it is.  Such pictures are nothing but figments of your imagination and results of your mechanisms of abstraction which in turn are subject to the illusions of a distorted ego.  The act of conjuring the wind is the act of using your will, the representative of the cosmic fire element.  With this will, you learn to control your thoughts that are emotionally charged, and your emotions that are running wild as a result of your having your thinking attached to them.

 The practice of IS teaches you how to detach yourself from your emotionally charged thoughts, and to reach a standstill of your thoughts whenever you desire to do so.  Such calmed down thoughts give you the control that is necessary for your reaching the realms of your true ego.
 You need not go out in the woods to be a hermit, of course.  All it takes is practice.  With the mastery of IS, you will find it easy to control Runic energies.  Therefore, you can use IS to attract Runic energies and to ground them.

 When you attract Runic energies with IS you are an antenna of cosmic energies.  When you ground them, you act as a grounding rod.  The body positions for these two practices are accordingly.  You have your arms stretched above the head when you draw cosmic energies.  When you ground, your arms are hanging down on the sides of your body.

Runes for Healing

 With HAGAL, you have learned to project Runic energies to specific parts of the body.  The purpose of this projection is to energize chakras or to help a healing.  What follows are correlations of Runes with functions and parts of the body.  With this knowledge, you can then project Runic energies to any part of the body.


 Before I continue here, I need to point out a very important fact.  The suggestions that follow reflect the opinions of Rune masters of the past and present.  As you are well aware, in the US and its territories, any healing that is not sanctioned by the appropriate authorities is ineffective and does not exist.  This seems also to include any type of medical healing that is still to be discovered before it will be sanctioned by the AMA and related bodies.  Because of that, Runic healing may be considered as an auxiliary placebo and should never interfere with the officially sanctioned medical treatment,  Perhaps call it a "collective placebo effect.".

A symbolism for healing

 The Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes are a true symbolism.  As I have pointed out in previous lessons, the word "symbolism" implies that the position of each individual symbol in relation to all other symbols is of crucial importance.  Where no such relation exists, we speak of an incoherent array of symbols.

 A true symbolism typically represents the universe or any part of it.  The Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes represent the system of creative energies that act in the universe.  Some of the manifestations of the creative energies that connect with the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes are the world crystal, the periodic system of chemical elements, and the natural zodiac of creative energies.  This natural zodiac has 18 signs.

 Our body is a reflection of the universe.  From this follows that the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes relate to the system of creative energies in our body.  Since these correlations are easy to demonstrate, the eighteen sacred Futhork Runes lend themselves to chakra balancing, chakra awakening, and healing of the fields, or systems, of creative energies in our body.


In the following you find correlations and uses of the Runes in hermetic medicine.  In part it reflects pretty much outdated knowledge about the human body.  I still decided to give these correlations, because they are part of traditional rune teachings!

FA -- ailments of the head, feverish diseases, to burn off fat, ailments of skin and bones, purification.
UR -- healing Rune in general, finds roots of ailments, neck, liver, nervous system, (when practiced in combination with IS), chest and lungs (together with OTHIL).
THORN -- Aura of Health.
OTHIL (for OS) -- Chest, back, neck (with UR).
RIT -- Chakra of the throat.
KA -- Digestive organs (with IS), feverish ailments.
HAGAL -- Kidneys and bladder, loins.
NOD -- Infectious diseases and skin (with LAF).
IS -- Neck, liver, and nerves (with UR); Digestive tract (with KA); Accidents and injuries (with MAN); Blood, gout, arthritis, arteriosclerosis (with TYR).
AR --Strengthens life force, against hallucinations, against possession.
SIG -- Nerves and tendons (with MAN).
TYR -- Blood, gout, arthritis, arteriosclerosis (with IS).
BAR -- Female sex organs, birth.
LAF -- Infectious diseases and skin.
MAN -- Accidents and injuries (with IS), Nerves and tendons (with SIG).
YR -- Lower abdomen, sexual organs.
EH -- Against depression, balance, glands, lymphatic system.
GIBOR -- Procreation; Transmutation.

The preceding correlations are to be understood in many ways, depending on the level at which the Rune Magician is operating.

As far as healing is concerned, the standard disclaimer is to apply:  In the U.S., its territories and vessels, healing methods are only effective AFTER they have been approved by the FDA.  Before such time they are quackery and should be avoided.   I mentioned the above correlations only in order to give a “folkloristic” picture of the Runes.

Besides, the healing effects, Runes, and especially the shape-vibrations of Rune Yoga, have strong effect upon the chakras, or spiritual centers, in the body.  Projection of specific Runes upon those centers will purify them and awaken them.  The Rune IS can be used to help the energetic flow up and down the spine, from chakra to chakra.






Heart OS, AR, YR

Solar Plexus THORN, RIT, IS, SIG, MAN, EH



You may proceed from the crown chakra to root chakra, or from root chakra to crown chakra.  When mutual projecting of energy, take turns.  If you are a group, several persons may project energy on one or several chakras of one person.


Reread the section on breathing in the letter of OS.  You will practice a similar way as you did them.  Now, however, you will inhale slowly.  As you inhale, mentally sing the Rune FA, while you feel the energies of FA flow into your lungs.  When you exhale, strongly imagine those energies go down the spine into the root chakra.  Repeat 18 times, or 108 times if you can bring up the patience to do so.  Allow yourself sufficient rest before you continue.  Then, you may either proceed with the projection of FA into the root chakra, or you may decide to work with the Rune UR, which you project in your spleen chakra, then the Rune THORN in your solar plexus, next OS into the heart chakra, RIT into the throat chakra, KA into eye chakra and finally, HAGAL into the crown.

At first, visualize that the energies of the Runes are cleansing and balancing the chakras.  Later, you contribute to the opening and development of your chakras.  Again, group practice is very effective as is shown in the lessons of Rune Yoga.  What was said here will suffice for the beginning.  Chakra development is a natural part of Rune Magic.


Just as the air you breathe contains energies that may be amplified, charged, and dynamized with Runic energies, so does food.  Desires, or wishes, which are impressed in food, have a strong impact on the material and etheric planes.  As a Rune Master, you will do well to consider this aspect of food, especially if you want to achieve things that have to do with the well being of your body, or if you have other material desires.

The practice that is described in the following is very simple.  Yet, it is consistent in its application that will ultimately lead to spectacular success.  Practice with at least one meal per day.  It will be good if you practice with wholesome food rather than with junk.  In fact, the negative effects of junk food are well enough known, so that it will be of the best interest of the Rune Master to refrain from it all together.  A healthy body is of importance for your overall progress and advancement and it is counterproductive to poison it with an average of five or more pounds of chemical food additives, "certified" colors, "safe" preservatives, fillers, and what not.  (again a variation of the above disclaimer is valid:  An additive that is approved by the FDA is safe until such time when the FDA decides that it is no longer safe!)

You proceed as follows:
1. Sit down with your food in front of you.
2. Establish your inner Rune Realm.
3. Establish your outer Rune Realm by imagining the 18 Futhork Runes around yourself.  Of course you may also actually put your Rune staves around yourself, which will give additional strength to the ceremonial effects of your practice.  To establish your Rune Realm mentally allows you to practice while in the company of others.
4. Think of your wish which you want to become reality on the material levels.
5. Dynamize the wish with the appropriate Rune or Runes.
6. Draw the Rune (and attached wish) from you inner Rune Realm and project it into the food which you are going to eat.
7. When eating, be aware that the wish, and attached Rune(s), become part of yourself and of your universe, all the way down to the material levels.  Be sure that nothing will be left over.  You will, at a later date, understand the magical significance of this practice.  Also, do not read during the meal, and any kind of conversation is undesirable, since you should eat only with your mind, emotions, consciousness, and will focused on your desire, or wish.  Do not formulate two wishes at the same time.

As an alternative, you may project Runic energy into your food the same way you learned to project energy in the lesson of HAGAL:  by drawing and projecting with your hands, as a full Runic ceremonial.  You may also arrange a magical meal with your group, proceeding as shown under the Rune HAGAL.


1.  Copy the Song of IS in your book of ceremonials, if time allows.
2. Murmur the Song of IS.
3. Practice hand and body positions, as well as meditations of IS.
4. Practice conscious breathing for the chakras.  Work as far as you feel is good for now.  Practice at least with the root chakra.
5. Practice conscious eating.


1. About AR
2. The magic of water
3. The four elements and Rune Magic

T H E   S O N G   O F   I S

IS -- Today I am aware of my true ego, of my true person.
IS -- A ninth one is mine:  If danger is out in the sea;
To protect my dear ship
I conjure the wind on the billowing floods
And I sing into slumber the sea.
IS -- Practicing IS, I become increasingly aware of the symbolic meanings of the Rune Songs, and of the evocative powers that these songs contain.
IS -- In IS I recognize the Rune that gives me power over myself and over others.  Runeing helps me to sing into slumber wildly gusting thoughts that bring into uncontrolled motion the sea of emotions.  IS helps me control my emotions.  IS helps me to quiet down emotionally charged thoughts.  Thoughts and emotions calm, they become my tool of power.
IS -- With IS, I discover my true Self, my true personality, devoid of distractions, just as the hermit rids himself of all outside distractions to find himself and to know himself.  He finds his true person.  More and more I am aware of where that which is conscious comes from.  I am increasingly aware of that which creates, and how it works in the Rune realms of creation.  More and more I am aware of the decisive force of myself as being distinct from what I am perceiving as my environment.  No longer will I be distracted by childish nonsense and infantilistic behavior of many grown up people, which behavior is part of the make up of that which we give the name of "civilization."
IS -- Symbol of the ego in the macrocosm.  I am aware of being a conscious leader.  Symbol of the ONE who connects to unity everything that is created in the universe.  Symbol of Divine Love that is active in all which exists, which penetrates everything and which unifies all beings.
IS -- Symbol of the unicorn of the worlds, symbol of the axis of the world tree, symbol of the magical wand that expresses the absolute will.  More and more my ego is strengthened, more and more my power to rule myself and my environment increases, more and more my powers increase.
IS -- With IS, I direct cosmic streams from above to below, and from below to above.  IS is my will which brings cosmic forces to manifest in the material planes.
IS -- With IS, I gain power over myself, which gives me power over my environment.
IS -- Beyond space-time, I am time-lessly connected with the Divine power which rules the universe.  IS brings this power to manifest.  I am drawing power from the deepest depths, from the spheres of the Earth, and from the highest heights, from the spheres of superior worlds, from both sources of spiritual and psychic life.
IS -- Connecting with Heaven and Earth, I am antenna for the rays of original power.
IS -- I polarize the forces above and below, so that those forces bring calmness, strength, and power.
IS -- Self-conscious, I am connecting myself with the Universal Will.  Self-conscious, I tune into the stream of Divine Will.  Vibrating in the original force field of the Will of the Worlds, I am ONE with this Will.
IS -- One with the Universal Will, I AM ruler over myself and over my environment, filled with power and harmony.
IS -- I am a radiating force field of Divine Will.

Copyright© 1985-1998 - 2007 by Karl Hans Welz
All rights reserved. This course may not be reproduced as a whole or in part, transmitted, or utilized in any form by any means,
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