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Letter of Instructions # 8

The Rune NOD

by Karl Hans Welz


"An eighth one is mine, quite useful to hear
For all the people in danger and need.
Where hate should arise from man against man
This I settle fast!

The symbolism of the stanza of NOD points out that NOD is the Rune of karma, of karmic need and of karmic debt.  With NOD you will be capable of recognizing karma by viewing it from the creative realms.  It is evident that such a perspective leads to the skill to overcome karma.

The power of NOD is a very profound one.  It takes a high stage of your personal evolution to have to power of overcoming karma and of setting actually determining your karma.

In the mythology of the North NOD is one of the Runes of the Norns.  The Norns are goddesses who are spinning the threads of destiny, or karma.  Therefore to be capable of working with NOD means to be capable of evoking the Norns.  To be capable of such an operation, the Rune Master needs to have gained a thorough understanding of what karma means.  Otherwise such an evocation will invariably cause problems.  The Rune Master will gain this understanding by acquiring an appropriate mapping, or insight, of TIME in which DESTINY is EMBEDDED.

NOD allows you to gain an understanding of destiny and of time.  Therefore NOD helps you to gain access to the realms of the Norns.  To try to gain access to the realms of the Norns before you have gained the necessary understanding of NOD may bring some serious problems.  In most cases, though, the Norns will smilingly forgive the person who tries to approach them unprepared.  However, if such approach is attempted with negative, or unethical, attitude, then whatever the operator projects will inevitable backlash against him or her in karmic determinism and structuring.

At your present state of evolution, NOD allows you to recognize the reasons for your present karma.  Consequently you will be able to work with it and eventually overcome it.  NOD will give you memories of events that shaped your karma, present and past lives.  It will give you insights in events that were significant for the shaping of your present karma.  NOD also can help you overcome bad karma and change your destiny for the better.  At this stage, NOD is likely to help you accept your present karma and to make the best of it.  Read and murmur the Song of NOD to understand.  In addition, set up meditation practices with NOD in a ceremonial setting.

It is appropriate for this lesson to practice the following rituals that will change your destiny toward the better.  You may use these rituals to help others.


1.  Set up your outer Rune Realm.
2.  Establish your inner Rune Realm.  You may use the tape for this purpose.
3.  Develop your individual force field (see in L.o.I. of HAGAL)
4.  Practice the ritual of change:
5.  Body position of NOD
     Look at the stave of NOD
     Visualize NOD
     Chant the mantra of NOD
     Prayer: "Rune of the Norn
  Dissolve karmic ties,
  Change bad luck.
  O my willpower
  Change all problems.
  You, my karmic necessity,
  Because of you,
  Thanks to you,
  I am growing
  Beyond misery and death."
6.  Body position of NOD-cross
     Look at the stave of NOD
     Visualize NOD
     Chant the mantra of NOD
     Prayer: "Calling in need,
     Brethren of Hermes,
     I beg you!
     Be advisors,
     Be Helpers,
     To me,
     Who I am erring
     And searching!

  Aepandi Nam
  Brethren in the universe,
  Be of assistance to me,
  Turn around misery!"

(If you perform the ritual for someone else, substitute "me" with name of the person whom you help.)

7.  Body position of MAN
     Look at the stave of MAN
     Visualize MAN
     Chant the mantra of MAN
     Prayer: "Ma, original word of plenty,
  Be grantor of my requests
  Be increase of that
  Which is due to me
  Spiritually and materially."
8.  Body position of SIG
     Look at the stave of SIG
     Visualize SIG
     Chant the mantra of SIG
     Prayer: "Creator-Spirit
  Dwelling within
  Be victorious."

End the ritual as described in L.o.I. of Hagal.


To begin, proceed as in previous ritual:  Outer Rune Realm, Inner Rune Realm, individual force field.

1. Body position of NOD
  Look at the stave of NOD
 Visualize NOD
 Chant the mantra of NOD
 Prayer: Rune of the Norn
  Dissolve karmic ties
  Change bad luck!"

2. Body position of BAR
 Look at the stave of BAR
 Visualize BAR
 Chant the mantra of BAR
 Prayer: "New life sprouts
  Through the birth-giving
  Powers of the Rune BAR"

3. Body position of FA
 Look at the stave of FA
 Visualize FA
 Chant the mantra of FA
 Prayer: "Grow, Thrive,
  With the power of FA!"

4. Body position of SIG
 Look at the stave of SIG
 Visualize SIG
 Chant the mantra of SIG
 Prayer: "The power within myself
  Is victorious.
  The all victorious
  Power of SIG
  Leads me
  From success to success."

5. Body position of MAN
 Look at the stave of MAN
 Visualize MAN
 Chant the mantra of MAN
 Prayer: "MA, original word
  Of plenty
  Be grantor of my requests
  Be increaser of that
  Which is truly mine."

6. Body position of BAR
 Look at the stave of BAR
 Visualize BAR
 Chant the mantra of BAR
 Prayer: The blessings of BAR
  Fend off blind coincidences
  Fend off evil forces!
  Shielded by BAR
  I enjoy the fruits
  Of my requests."

7. Body position of AR
 Look at the stave of AR
 Visualize AR
 Chant the mantra of AR
 Prayer: "Completion and success
  Brought forth by the
  Divine power of the Sun."

8. Body position of TYR
 Look at the stave of TYR
 Visualize TYR
 Chant the mantra of TYR
  Wealth increases
  Bliss grows
  The fruit of combat
  Is victory!"

End the ritual as described in HAGAL.  Ground surplus energies.

The preceding rituals have the following key:

NOD gives awareness of karma, or it brings you in contact with your karmic background.
BAR gives new direction of karma, like being born again into another time-line.
FA is at the beginning of this new venture.  It draws the fire of the beginning.
SIG provides you with the attitude of a victorious person.
MAN brings you in touch with your Higher Self, which transcend karma-subjected space-time.
BAR again solidifies the new birth into another line of karma, which is to be a line of success.
AR causes the necessary reframing of your personality, so you have the tools to succeed.
TYR gives success without your attachment to it.


The Rune TYR

Rune of the god of swords.  Rune of the god(dess) who sacrifices him/herself, certain of resurrection.  Rune of initiation, of reincarnation, of being born again.
Uses:  Hammer of Thor.  TYR helps overcome the material world, the fear of material death.  Brings victory of spirit over matter.  Recalling of past lives.
Time of the year:  August 31 through September 22.
Correlation with the Tarot:  12 card, The Hanged Man.  Odin's Song (of initiation):  I know how I hanged on the wind cold tree for nine icy nights, wounded by the spear, . . . . .  A shamanic motif of the dying and resurrecting god, found in all religions.
Mantra:  t-t-t-t-tyyyyyyrrrrr

The Rune BAR

Rune of revelation, Rune of birth of the spirit.  Rune of birth, of spiritual rebirth.  Return to the Mothers, to the empire of HEL.  Life, hopes, wishes.  Rune of continuous transformation, death and rebirth.
Uses:  Development of higher spiritual, mystical and psychic capabilities.  Lead to inner freedom and outer independence.  Helps birth, spiritual birth.
Time of the year:  September 23 through October 15.
Correlation with Tarot:  13th card:  Death - Transformation - Metamorphosis.
Mantra:  b-b-b-b-baaaaaarrrrrr

The Rune LAF

The ancients used the mythological method to talk of that which is psychological, psychic, and spiritual.  LAF is the Rune of life, of the law of life, of the original laws of the universe, of the original water.  Rune of the sea.  Rune of the etheric part of the body.  Rune of initiation which experience life on earth as a process of initiation.
Uses:  LAF brings understanding of the life processes, of true religion.
Time of the year:  October 16 through November 7.
Correlation with the Tarot:  The 14th card of the Tarot:  Temperance.
Mantra:  lllllllllaaaaaaaffffff

The Rune MAN

MAN is symbolism of man, of mankind, of humanity, of the resurrected god.  It signifies the upper part of the world tree Yggdrasil.  Rune of spiritual powers, of directing Mana powers.
Uses:  MAN leads to Divine Magic and unfolding of life (see Symbolism of Man).  It protects against enemies.  MAN increases and strengthens the aura.  It opens the mysteries of MIMIR, the mysteries of original memories, or of root-memories.  Use for levitation, elevation, reaching in the spheres of the Divine.
Time of the year:  November 8 through November 29
Correlation with the Tarot:  15th card:  The Devil.
Mantra:  mmmmmmaaaaaaaannnnnn, aaooouuummmmmm     mmmaaannniii     paadmmmmeeeee     huuummmmmm

The Rune YR

Rune of the unio mystica.  Desire for completion, and perfection.  Rune of the night and of the Moon.  Rune of karma and of karmic tests.  The counterpart of MAN, the god with antlers.  Roots of the world tree, from which life springs ("the mighty tree which conceals man, where man grew from the roots . . .")  God in the waters at the winter solstice.  God descending to the material world.
Uses:  YR overcomes illusion of the material world, which is often a painful process bringing radical changes, and a sudden overturning of affairs.  Overcomes the illusions of neuro-semantic environments.  It recognizes mappings as mappings.
Time of the year:  November 30 through December 21.
Correlation with the Tarot:  The 16th card:  The Citadel, Lightning.
Mantra: yyyyyyyyrrrrrr

The Rune EH

Rune of cosmic union, which transcends the 16 Runes of the zodiac, or the octagon with its polarities.  It is the Rune of ideal love, of twin souls, of soul mates.  Two in one, Soul and cosmic.  God and man.
Uses:  Connects two lives, brings from the Two to the One.  Helps find the soul mate.  Brings together soul twins.  Brings success and increase.
No connection with the year, referring to polarities unified.  Also no connection with the Tarot.
Mantra:  eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

The Rune GIBOR

Rune of the wheel of life, of union of the god and the world, of Creator and Created.
Uses:  GIBOR harmonizes the relations of twin souls, unifies the energies of the I and YOU in a cosmic context, both reaching into the common universe, in a true cosmic wedding.  Leads to cosmic consciousness, vision of God, unio mystica, the deepest mysteries of the universe.
GIBOR has no relation to any part of the zodiac, but it is Symbolism of wholeness.  Likewise, there is no correlation to any single card of the tarot.
Mantra:  ggiiibbboooorrrr


1. Copy the Song of NOD in your book of ceremonials, if time allows.
2. Murmur the Song of NOD in a ceremonial setting.
3. Practice the Rune NOD and meditate.
4. Practice the rituals described above.


1. IS and control of emotions.
2. Runes for healing.
3. Runes to awaken the chakras
4. Breathing exercises for the chakras.
5. Conscious eating.


NOD -- Today I begin to dissolve my karmic ties.
NOD -- An eighth one is mine:  Quite useful to hear
For all the people in danger and need.
Should hatred arise between man and man:
This I settle fast.
NOD -- Rune of the Norn who spins the threads of destiny.  Rune of karmic ties which I can dissolve when I am aware of my powers as a Rune Master.
NOD -- More and more I am aware of my karmic debts in my lives, and what these debts signify.  I am looking forward to settle all my accounts so that I can progress unencumbered by old karmic debts.  I can settle these accounts not the way my old ego did who was helplessly exposed to blind fate and time, but I am settling these accounts as a new person who is working knowingly in the network of karma and time, which I am understanding better with every new day.  I am getting the best results out of settling these old karmic accounts.
NOD -- Rune of karmic need that makes me aware of what I perform best in this present life.  It gives me insights of how I make the best use of the tremendous potentials that my karma contains.
NOD -- Rune of karmic law which I accept and which governs and structures my life and actions . . . and which I am increasingly capable to structure.  I am aware of Divine justice which balances.  I give and I receive.
NOD -- karmic law brought me to participate in Runic work, to become again part of the Great, Time-less Brotherhood of Rune Masters, of which I am a member, past, present, and future.
NOD -- I am aware that by being conscious of my karmic debts, discord, hostility, and hate can be overcome.
NOD -- It leads me to truth and to be part of a Great Cosmic Order.
NOD -- From now on out, I am using my karma, I am fighting it no longer.  I am living my karma consciously.  Awakening in NOD awakens my new powers within myself; it opens the hidden channel within my heart, and I am open to the voice of the Creator of the worlds.  NOD brings me the protection of spiritual realms.  AEPANDI NAM.
NOD -- With NOD I am capable to penetrate the webs of fate and times, I am capable to recognize my destinies, and, most important, to experience how my destiny is shaped.  Visions will come to me which, at first, can be flash backs, and which will develop into memories of the past lives later, and into memories of potential past and future destinies.
NOD -- As a result, I am longer exposed to blind destiny as it comes to me, and I am capable of shaping this destiny.  Instead of fighting karma, I am able to consciously live it, and, with the Rune of the Norn, to responsibly shape it.  More and more I am master of my karma.

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